How does Chama work?
Chama is an innovative app for people who need to exchange their LPG cylinders. We partner with reliable resellers and provide in one place all the information you need, making your LPG purchase fast and convenient. Each reseller on Chama, which sets prices and determines service coverage independently, receives your LPG cylinder order in real time.
Why buy through Chama?
You already order your food by app, hail a ride by app and even date over an app… So why bother ordering your LPG cylinder by phone, right? We’re here to make your life easier. Chama is a quick and transparent way to order your LPG cylinder exchange, since it allows you to compare LPG resellers in your region by price, delivery time and rating. The app gives you greater freedom and transparency when ordering your LPG cylinder exchange, making refrigerator magnets a thing of the past!
How do I order an LPG cylinder exchange via Chama?
It’s super easy! Go to the app store on your smartphone*, search for Chama and download the app. Next, open the app and enter your address to search the LPG resellers that serve your region. Then click on your preferred reseller, choose the means of payment and complete your information.
That's it! Your order is forwarded to the reseller in real time! Simple, right? There’s more: if you have any questions during any part of the process, contact our support team using the in-app chat tool. We’re ready to help!

Click on Chama, download it, compare prices and delivery times and order your gas!

*Available on Google Play e App Store
What cylinder sizes can I buy using Chama?
At the moment, Chama enables only the exchange of P13-size cylinders. But, we’re already working on expanding our options of sizes and other types of purchases. Didn’t find what you need in the app? Call our support team from within the app. We’ll help you as best as we can!
How can I pay for the LPG cylinder exchange?
You can pay by either debit card, credit card or cash, with the payment made directly to the delivery person. And stay tuned, because Chama is getting even more convenient: soon you’ll be able to pay directly via the app!
I couldn’t find resellers in my region. What now?
Chama already is available in all of Greater São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte and continues to expand. Soon we’ll reach your city too! If you’re in the Greater São Paulo area and can’t find resellers in your region, contact us at [email protected], your feedback will be very welcomed!